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The Ramblings of Randomness

Compliments of Mj, Jade.

Billy Stalker
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Jade--loves Billy Martin. Loves Lostprophets. Vegetarian. Freakshow. Older cousin of Mj. Goth. Has met Lostprophets. Not into bondage, please don't ask if she's kinky. She is. Lol. Wierd obsession with needles. Random. Naturally drunk,high, and all that good stuff. Sexah beast! Freak. Again. Bipolar. Skizophranic.Depressed. Learning hurts. Mj's friends tend to hate her. Talks third-person (especially to herself). Tries to fly(frequently). Clumsy. Commonly known as the idiot. Runs into walls. Emotionless. Hates hugs. Always awake. Scares little kids, old people, and high schoolers who actually think she has wings(no joke, true story). Hates Mj because she colored her favorite picture. Is not a pot-head....highlight of life was meeting Lostprophets. Short-term memory loss. Has cutting scars. Is in a band called The Redemption. Likes pudding,ducks, and Papa Smurf. Has no patience for this anymore.

Mj--loves Chester Bennington. Loves Linkin Park. Goth. Meat lover. Has an wierd obsession with biting. Younger cousin of Jade. Random. Naturally high. Sexy beast. Anime-lover. Video game freak. Tomboy. Paranoid. Depressed. Loves school, hates classes. Has too many friends. Talks in third-person(like she is now!). Runs into walls. Has southern accent. Commonly known as 'that only gothic kid in school'. Sings in the shower. Emotional. Loves hugs. Always sleepy. Has staring problems. Spiked bracelet was stolen(and it hurts,still). Is still sad because Jade hates her because she colored Jade's favorite picture. Admits she is a pothead and is proud. Highlight of life sadly hasn't happened yet. Forgets numbers. Has cutting scars. Has biting scars( i told you Mj has wierd obsessions..)has a talent of writing poems. Is secretly related to squirrels. Screams "AMEN" for no reason.